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v. s, from Latin designare "mark out, devise, choose, designate, appoint," from de- "out" (see de-) + signare "to mark," from signum "a mark, sign" (see sign (n.)). Originally in English with the meaning now attached to designate; many modern uses of design are metaphoric extensions. Related: Designed; designing. Design elements - Industrial design - Designated - Designated driver. 24 Aug As you journey through the intricacies of becoming a designer, you will learn that design, like any other field of expertise, uses a special. Definition of design - a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made, a.

design definition: 1. to make or draw plans for something, for example clothes or buildings: 2. to intend: 3. a drawing or set of drawings showing how a building. 9 Dec Here are all the designer terms you need to know, as well as quite a few most designers would love to never hear again. Designers Dictionary. Education · Design · Print Design · Web Design. Feeling lost when speaking with your designer; like they are speaking another language?.

Design definition is - to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan: devise, contrive. How to use design in a sentence. Medical Dictionary. When it comes to the art of design, there are so many niche words (like we created a dictionary to be your go-to source for those "what's that word" moments. Learn the definitions of exterior and interior home design terms, including structures, details and materials from Arbor to Zinc and everything in between. When someone designs a garment, building, machine, or other object, they plan it and make a detailed drawing of it from which it can be built or made. Graphic design definition: Graphic design is the art of designing advertisements, magazines, and books by combining | Meaning, pronunciation, translations.

This dictionary provides a stimulating and categorical foundation for a serious international discourse on design. It is a handbook for everyone concerned with. Definition of design: Realization of a concept or idea into a configuration, drawing , model, mould, pattern, plan or specification (on which the actual or. what up and coming graphic designers aspire to - but which the Industry thinks it knows better. Hence, the degree of difficulty and countless CDs of folio. chic, sophisticate, luxury, classy, elegant, beautiful, name brand, rich, suave, enriched, quality, high end, expensive.